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Welcome to Mittal Trade Corp - Fire 1 on 1 Authorised Distributor

Mittal Trade Corp has tied up with Kansi Technovation to become the Authorised super distributor for Fire 1on1 range of Fire Extinguisher in Raipur, Chhattisgarh.
Kansi Technovation is an Indian Company that started with a vision to cater to the global safety market with an array of effective, innovative products along with re-launching of the classic products in the era of latest technology. At Kansi, we are engaged in manufacturing, marketing, training, consultancy of Fire Extinguishing Apparatus and Fire Prevention Apparatus and a range of other fire safety and security products. We are bound to provide our consumers with the newer of the newest, safer of the safest, better than the best and the latest safety and security products. We are committed to providing happier, safer and worry-free lives. Fire 1on1 is the Next Generation Series of Fire Prevention Apparatus that is lightweight, compact in size and extremely easy to use. Fire 1on1 starts working at lightning speed when it comes in contact with fire and extinguishes the fire before it can spread and also preventing it from reigniting. It's cost-effective pricing now makes it possible for everyone to afford to protect themselves and their possessions from the irrecoverable damage a fire can cause to life and property.
 fire1on1 automatic and portable Distributor in Raipur

Automatic Portable Fire Extinguisher

Fire 1On1 is an automatic and portable fire fighting equipment which needs no manual supervision. It can retard and contain the fire within seconds of an outbreak. This portable equipment can also be deployed manually in a number of scenarios during a fire accident.

 Fire Protection Equipment Dealer Chhattisgarh

Fire Protection Equipments

We are one of the Authorised super distributors of fire 1 On 1  Fire and Security Systems for Chhattisgarh. Fire prevention system is to take precautions to prevent the potentially harmful fires.

 fire1on1 fire hose system in Raipur

Fire Hose System

Fire Hose Systems and Hydrant System consists of pipe work connected directly to the fire water tank through the fire pump to provide water with pressure to each and every hydrant outlet. This system is installed in modern buildings to provide water to the firemen to fight fire.

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